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Download and Install StayCured Android App

Open the Camera Application or Google Lens
Select QRCode from available options and Scan the QRCode
The QRCode will show the url of the app in the play store
Select Website that will take you to play store, Download and Install

Operating Systems Supported

Android OS Versions 8 to 12

Download and Install StayCured iOS App

iOS Apps must be directly downloaded from the Apple Store
Open the Camera Application
Select QRCode from available options and Scan the QRCode
The QRCode will show the url of the app in the appstore
Go to the appstore link, Download and Install

Operating Systems Supported

iOS OS Versions 10.3 to 15.4

StayCured Medical Clinic

The StayCured Clinic Medical Practice Management System is reachable at and is accessible from any Mac, Linux, or Windows PCs through modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari 11 and above. User are encouraged to maintain current OS and Browser versions as this enables them to effectively utilize new features and functions that are continually added to expand the capabilities of the system.

StayCured has disrupted the healthcare community through its innovative Medical Practice Management System.  This is a highly differentiated computing system that integrates the most advance medical techniques and healthcare practices onto a unified solution suite.  Our four key services: 1) Conventional Healthcare, 2) Telemedicine Healthcare, 3) Medical Second Opinion, and 4) Medical Expert Presence are delivered and administered utilizing this MPM System.

Our system is based on advance Cloud Computing, Web 3.0, Mobile Technologies, and IoT Systems.  Cloud ensures that we are reachable globally, with 24x7 availability, robustly secured, and with the technological elasticity to dynamically expand and contract based on capacity demands.  Web 3.0 enforces greater privacy and improved user interactivity and collaboration.  Mobile smart devices accommodate service delivery anytime anyplace and is further enhanced with 5G rollout.  And IoT elevates StayCured to the next level of healthcare delivery where treatment is customized to individual patients in which clinical reaction and recovery are remotely monitored in real time.

The StayCured MPM System is a revolution in Digital Transformation.  The backend logic is coded to enforce leading Artificial Intelligence algorithms making the system highly intuitive, simple to use, and the surprising capacity to accurately predict future choices.  Machine Learning is implemented to observe patterns and acquire knowledge with the intent to attain greater comprehension of symptoms and treatment successes.  This knowledge is subsequently capitalized in in prediction and forecasting leading to advances in preventative healthcare and treatment customization at the patient level.

* Click on the screen icons to display full screen exhibits

1  Registration
1.1  Sign In
1.2  Forgot Password
1.3  My Profile
2  User Settings
2.1  About
2.2  Feedback
2.3  Change Password
2.4  Payment History
2.5  Frequent Doctors
2.6  Help and Support
2.7  Security and Privacy
2.8  Reminders
2.9  Customer Support Text, Voice, Video
3  Predisposition
4  Medication
4.1  History Prescriptions
4.2  Prescription to Pharmacy
5  Family Members
5.1  Emergency Contacts
6  Vitals
6.1  History Vitals
6.2  ECG
6.3  Allergy
7  Appointments
7.1  Cancel Appointments
7.2  ReSchedule Appointments
7.3  History Appointments
7.4  Payments and Refunds
7.5  Consultation Text, Voice, Video
7.6  Consultation Recording and Notes
7.7  Speech to Text Conversion
8  Notifications
9  Doctor Search
9.1  Doctor Rankings
9.2  Doctor Ratings
10  Period Tracker
10.1  Current Cycle
10.2  Future Cycle
10.3  Cycle History
10.4  Cycle Stats  
10.5  Comman Medicine
10.6  Cycle Settings
11  Pregnancy Tracker
11.1  Pregnancy Schedule
11.2  Baby Kick Count
11.3  Baby Heart Beat Monitor
11.3  Contraction Timer
11.4  Pregnancy Health Tips
12  Medical Image Gallery
12.1  Medical Reports Gallery
13  GPS Labs, Hospitals, Pharmacies
14  Doctor Onboarding
15  Backend Administration
16  AI
17  ML
18  Decision Support
19  Business Intelligence
20  Baby Heartbeat Recorder Module
21  Vision Exercise Module
22  Hearing Test Module
23  3D Body Atlas Module
24  CT, MRI, Ultrasound Module