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Impact of AI in the field of Health Care

Impact of Artificial Intelligence in the field of Health Care The time is right for significant changes in the healthcare sector. There are countless opportunities to use technology to deliver more precise, effective, and impactful interventions at precisely the appropriate time in a patient’s care, from chronic diseases and cancer to radiography and risk assessment. Artificial intelligence…
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3 Ways Health Plans Can Work More Collaboratively With Pharmacies: Contributed Content

For a variety of reasons, including controversial direct and indirect remuneration (DIR) clawbacks, pharmacies and health plan pharmacy benefit managers (PBM) aren’t the friendliest of bedfellows. Concerns are growing that pharmacy benefit managers's (PBMs) business practices don’t align with public policy goals to improve the value of pharmaceutical spending, while organizations such as The National Community Pharmacists Association…
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How AI can be used in the Healthcare Industry

AI in Healthcare; a revolutionary breakthrough for a better, brighter future 2022 brings more than just a fresh start to a new year, hopefully inching further away from pandemic times. Healthcare especially is ready for a fresh outlook to gain new perspectives and utilize innovative technologies to learn from these past couple of years. Now…
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5 Best Fruits To Reduce Inflammation, Says Dietitian

The word inflammation has a bad reputation. It seems to be associated with negative consequences like pain, swelling, disease, or perhaps a byproduct of just general poor health. There are a couple of classifications of inflammation recognized in healthcare: acute and chronic inflammation, and there are some big differences between the two. Acute inflammation is characterized by the…
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