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How To Make Individual Healthcare Data Ownership A Reality

The health tech sector is expanding rapidly, having received an infusion of capital at the start of the pandemic that is proving to be a new status quo. The outlook is promising for what continued digitization and technological innovation can bring when it comes to healthcare. And one of the most exciting things happening in the…
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What Medtech Startups Need to Know About Healthcare

Healthcare is arguably one of the largest and most complex sectors in America. It’s big business too. According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), in 2020 alone, health expenditure as a share of the nation’s gross domestic product reached an all-time high of 19.7%. And in terms of dollar value, CMS projects that national health spending will reach…
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Biases in Artificial Intelligence Led to Healthcare Disparities

Although artificial intelligence (AI) continues to become a critical aspect of healthcare, researchers from PLOS digital health biases and data gaps involved in AI production can lead to healthcare disparities. Over time, AI increasingly uncovers ways to decrease the frequency of clinical errors and improve outcome predictions. Although these methods have proven effective in various situations,…
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Was That Sneeze Caused By Allergies Or COVID?

We’re in the middle of tree pollen season in Southern California. That means thousands of people will sneeze, cough or wake up with a scratchy throat and wonder — is it allergies or COVID-19? It’s an important distinction. Allergies are caused by your immune system overreacting to normal things in your environment such as pollen,…
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