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Why symptoms of heart attack look different for men and women

It is a common misconception that men and women experience different heart attack symptoms. While symptoms may vary from person to person, both men and women more or less experience similar symptoms, with maybe few subtle differences. It is the response to the heart attack symptom which is different in women as compared to men.…
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Vaccine helps reduce heart attack deaths among COVID-19 patients

A COVID-19 virus made from a pin cushion decorated the entrance of the ICU at Regions Hospital in St. Paul in late 2020. Fatal heart attacks linked to COVID-19 declined in hospitals over the past two years, and vaccines played a key role, the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation reported Monday. The finding builds the case…
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5 New Things to Know About Heart Health

From the benefits of coffee to the dangers of noise pollution, researchers seem to be leaving no stone unturned when it comes to heart health. The American College of Cardiology hosted its annual scientific session April 2-4 in Washington, D.C., where researchers from around the globe presented their latest findings. Here are five to ponder.…
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